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Thanks for Connecting at the AAPB Conference

Last month we were excited to take Optimal HRV on the road and reconnect with fellow peers and professionals at the AAPB 52nd Annual Scientific Meeting in Texas.

We had a fantastic time visiting fellow exhibitors and listening in on valuable and insightful presentations, as well as having the opportunity to demo the Optimal HRV app with you all!

If you attended we hope you had the opportunity to drop in and listen to myself, Dr Inna Khazan and David Hopper as we shared our knowledge on all things HRV and Biofeedback in our workshops, and in Inna’s keynote address. Alongside Inna, we discussed using HRV to structure client sessions, and Inna and Dave delivered a great session on the connection between HRV and pain.

A big thank you to AAPB for having us, and we hope to see you all again next year!

In the meantime make sure you follow Optimal HRV on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as keeping up to date with our HRV podcasts at Podcast | Optimal HRV App.

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