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Optimal HRV is Growing!

Optimal HRV has joined forces with Optimal Innovation Group to enable us to provide HRV & Biofeedback training and resources, in addition to the Optimal HRV app we all know and love!

Training with our experts

Meet Dr Dave, our newest trainer in HRV

Dave is a practicing chiropractor helping patients from a whole human approach. His education & training include; Doctorate of Chiropractic, BCIA Certified in HRV, Certificate in Oral Myofunctional Therapy (OMT), researcher in sleep & breathing, completed all coursework for diplomat in chiropractic rehabilitation, university professor of anatomy & physiology, Webster certified for pregnancy and training for pediatrics. Dave holds U.S. patents on exercise & ergonomic equipment and is a former professional athlete. Dave brings this passion & expertise to his life mission; To help as many people as possible realize their innate health potential and achieve it through simple, natural means.

Check out our latest Podcast!

Matt has been working with our newest HRV trainer, Dr Dave, to discuss Heart Rate Variability and its relation to chiropractic.

Find out more about Dr David Hopper, how he first got into HRV and how he came to know all about Optimal HRV and Optimal Innovation Group. Dr Dave also talks a bit about what chiropractic is and how it relates to HRV. We're delighted to share this discussion with you in our latest podcast, so make sure you listen below!

Get in touch

As always, if you want to know more about how Optimal HRV can help you or your organization provide better care or services to your clients or employees, please let us know at

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