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Heart Rate Variability 
A Revolution Of Care with Optimal HRV

HRV gives social service, mental health and medical providers a way to quantitatively measure the impact of treatment and intervention

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Until now, there were many difficulties measuring progress or regression of social, emotional and physical health on a daily or weekly basis. Everyone is left hoping for the best outcomes with little or no data on key indicators for success.

Many variables, including past trauma, current stress, relationship with the helper, community resources, motivation, and other factors influence the success or failure of the intervention. 

HRV changes our conventional notions of outcomes and progress. With daily HRV measures using the Optimal HRV app and web dashboard, you can provide data that sheds light on critical issues influencing success and failure of treatments. 

Optimal HRV utilizes cutting edge HRV science and provides feedback specific to those concerned with behavioral and mental health. In addition, Optimal HRV is designed in an affordable way to fit into the budgetary restrictions of most helping organizations.

Unlike other applications, the Optimal HRV app can take the HRV of multiple people on one device, as well as offering a provider dashboard that allows users to view their entire caseload and identify any drastic changes or concerning trends.


The dashboard also allows managers to get collective insight into the health and wellbeing of their staff.

The Optimal HRV app is the first of it's kind explicitly designed for helping organizations

Optimal HRV Web Dash

Baseline & Trend

Understand your clients HRV score and how it’s changing as you provide care

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