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Quantify Your Care with Optimal HRV

We give social service, mental health and medical providers a way to quantitatively measure the impact of treatment and intervention for the population they are passionate about serving.

Learn more about how the Optimal HRV app can add value to your care giving organization.


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Training, Coaching & Quality Improvement


HRV & Biofeedback

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Dr. Inna

Mindfulness & Biofeedback

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What Our Clients Say

"I led a pilot feasibility study using the Optimal HRV mobile app with healthcare workers throughout the US enrolled in Villanova University’s COVID-19 CHAMPS Study Registry.

We had a fantastic overall response to the project. Participants reported the breathing techniques in the Optimal HRV app were calming and helpful with insomnia. Furthermore, I am truly impressed by our quantitative results showing the health benefits of the app in terms of self-reported perceived stress and other markers of psychological adjustment.


Adopting the Optimal HRV app for doing mindful breathing and meditative HRV biofeedback is one way healthcare organizations can support their frontline workers in caring for themselves through simple resilience building practices."

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Janell Mensinger, Ph.D, FAED

Associate Professor

Nova Southeastern University

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